Book Review Policy

What books get reviewd at Clean Fiction Book Reviews

I’m always looking for my next great book to enjoy, so welcome your recommendations of what to try next. Please keep these things in mind before suggesting one to me:

  • I like a story that is entertaining, but also has messages of hope or nuggets of truth I can carry with me.
  • I review clean fiction. These can be novels by Christian authors and publishers but can also be from the general fiction market as long as they fit my definition of “clean.”
  • I read novels from almost any genre, as long as they’re clean: YA, middle grade, contemporary, suspense, historical, historical romance, thriller, dystopian, fairy tale retelling, princess, fantasy, science fiction.
  • I do not read paranormal or occult.
  • I do not review novels with graphic sex scenes or excessive crude language or that glamorize immorality.
  • I am open to self-published books if they have been professionally edited and meet the standards of traditional publishers.
  • I prefer print books but will consider e-books.
  • If you send me your book and I like it, I will post an honest review here at Clean Fiction Book Reviews and will share the review on social media. If you want the review posted at a certain time (such as during a blog tour or launch), I’ll do my best to work with you on that.
  • I reserve the right to not publish a review of any book (even if I requested it) for any reason.
  • If I review your book at your request, I will mention that I received a free copy (in accordance with FTC guidelines) and all opinions will be mine.

If you feel your book would be a good fit for me to review, please email me or submit the form on my Contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you!