Clean Fiction

What is clean fiction book stack

Since this website is all about reviewing clean and Christian fiction, you as a visitor should know how I gauge books to classify them that way.

Basically, the books I review here don’t include gratuitous sex or excessive language and don’t paint immorality in a good light. Does that mean they’re so overly sweet that reading them could send you into sugar overload?

Not at all.

While you won’t find the things I just mentioned, you also won’t find goody-goody plastic characters or cookie-cutter plots.

What you will find are books that are some of the best written stories around, both in keeping readers interested and in nuts-and-bolts writing technique. As a reader who is also a writer, things like “head hopping” between character viewpoints and using lots of passive voice drive me crazy. You’ll find very little of that in the books I review here.

Clean fiction and Christian fiction

All books I review here are clean, meaning they’re appropriate for any teen or adult reader (based on the criteria I list here and on my Book Review Policy page). Most are Christian fiction, meaning they are written from a Christian worldview. God and faith — and how both are part of characters’ lives — are important aspects of these stories.

Christian fiction also carries a message of hope. We live in a dark world, and authors of Christian fiction tackle some difficult and serious issues in their books. But they also remind us through their stories that nothing is completely hopeless or insurmountable because of God. No person is ever too terrible to be loved by God and given a fresh start if they want it. Life is far from perfect, but God brings light and hope to the darkness.

The books you’ll find here help show that light and hope. You might see yourself in some of the characters or situations. You might learn some things about faith or come away with a new or deeper perspective.

Yes, fiction can help you grow as a person. It isn’t always just fluff.

But please remember that for all their good qualities, the books I review here are still works of fiction. They can introduce (or reacquaint) you to God and Christianity, but they’re no substitute for the Bible. That’s what you need to read to truly know God and His ways.

Thanks for being part of Clean Fiction Book Reviews. I hope you’ll be blessed by the books you find here. Most of all, I hope you’ll open your heart to God (if you haven’t already) and ask Him to be part of your personal story. That will be better than even the best novel you might read.